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Unlimited Memory By Kevin Horsley

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• Learn Faster • Remember More • Be More Productive YOU TOO CAN HAVE UNLIMITED MEMORY Do you need to remember large amounts of information? Do you find it hard to remember important things? Are you losing time by learning and relearning the same information over and over again? In the twenty-first century, learning faster and using your mind more effectively may be the only advantage that you will ever have over your competitors. This ultimate guide to memory improvement will show you how to train your memory, enhance your mental ability and keep your mind agile and alert. YOU’RE ABOUT TO DISCOVER: • The six most powerful memory systems that you can use to immediately improve your retention and recall • How to go from mastering only 7 bits of information in short-term memory to over 50 • How to easily remember what you have studied for tests and exams • How to improve your concentration and focus • How to remember names with ease in any social situation

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