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Tom Jones By Henry Fielding

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“It hath been observed, by wise men or women, I forget which, that all persons are doomed to be in love once in their lives.” abandoned on squire allworthy’s bed as an infant, Tom Jones is raised by him. As he grows up inheriting the generosity and virtuousness of the distinguished philanthropist, Tom wins the hearts of many countryside women and has several romantic dalliances. When Tom falls in love with the beautiful Sophia Western, his neighbouring squire’s daughter, who also loves him deeply, their relationship is opposed as Tom is an illegitimate child. While Sophia’s marriage is arranged with bilfil, allworthy’s sly nephew, Tom is banished from home. As Sophia runs away to avoid her marriage, will she be able to find Tom? Will the two lovers reunite? One of the most influential comic novels in English literature, Tom Jones is Henry Fielding greatest work. It became a bestseller soon after its publication, and has continued to remain so more than two and half centuries after its first publication.

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A founder of the English novel along with Samuel Richardson and the creator of the novel of Realism, Henry Fielding (1707-1754) was one of the greatest novelists of the eighteenth century. His first play, Love in Several Masques, was produced in February 1728. He wrote and produced a number of plays ranging from comedies to dramatic satires. Critiquing the political ideologies and the unfair treatment of writers by theatres and publishing houses, Fielding’s plays were influential and critically received. He began writing novels at thirty-three. His greatest novel, Tom Jones, was published in February 1749. It is the first few English novels and is counted among the ten best novels of the world.


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