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The Z Factor – Hindi By Subhash Chandra

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Now in Hindi: An inspiration-Subhash Chandra had a humble beginning as a villager and started his work life with a mere Rs. 17 in his pocket. Through hard work, perseverance and wit, he now holds the status of the chairman of some of the biggest media and entertainment firms like Essel and Zee. Presently he is the owner of an empire worth billions, his inspiring story and all the important facets of his life have been documented in the book ‘The Z Factor: My journey as the Wrong Man at the Right Time’. Being a newbie to the glamorous marketing world, Chandra describes in his biography how he fought innumerable obstacles and broke his way through the competitive industry, transforming himself from a nobody to a celebrity. The Biography-Chandra describes in his biography how he started out his life amidst poverty and debts but always had an eye on the broadcasting and entertainment industry. He describes how he gradually and meticulously developed his business acumen, overcoming financial, industrial, social challenges as well as the challenge that comes with a lack of experience. The Essel group was the first Indian media group to launch a satellite entertainment media channel; a road unexplored by most media firms back then because they felt it lacked potential. In spite of being simple entrepreneur back then, Subhash Chandra and his group managed to make Zee TV a global phenomenon, changing the rules of the game and attracting the public with pure entertainment related shows. What followed were explosive obstacles and gutsy initiatives that didn’t always work out, such as the major legal difference contradiction strife between Zee and Jindal. The book describes how Chandra didn’t allow greed to corrupt the empire he had built and that is probably why it still remains as one of the biggest broadcasting organizations of India. Chandra also describes all the challenges he faced as the other big players of the broadcasting industry tried to curb any competition that challenged them. Some of these challenges cost his company a lot and he has dissected these failures and losses which have proven to be detrimental in his life. It is clear that the charismatic entrepreneur’s life is full of ups and downs; yet The Z Factor can only be described as an inspiring tale of how a man turned himself from rags to riches and left a mark. About the Author-The biography is co-authored by Subash Chandra and Pranjal Sharma. Subash Chandra, born on 30th November, 1950, is an Indian businessman who is the chairman of the prestigious Zee TV, Essel Group. He is also a television personality and a motivational speaker. Pranjal Sharma has been an established personality in the TV, print and digital media industry for over 23 years. He is one of the founders of the Broadcast Editors Association India. In 2007, he received the News TV award for Best Business Presenter.

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