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The Science Of Motivation (Gujarati) By Brian Tracy With Dan Strutzel

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Strategies and Techniques for turning Dreams into Destiny

All of us want to be successful in life but only a few achieve that target. Why?

The idea of being successful is an attractive dream that fills us with positive emotions, whereas the actions required to get ahead of the game at work, in relationships, in sports or in any other area are often difficult and lengthy.

What do we need to do to close this gap between what we want and what we have to do to achieve it? We need goal-oriented motivation. This is the fuel that takes us across the long and often uncertain bridge to our desired destination in life.

The trick is to learn how to develop this kind of motivation on demand, sustain it through the difficult periods and instil it so intricately into our daily life that it becomes a part of us.

All of that and more is available in this all-new cutting-edge book, the Science of Motivation, from personal development expert Brian Tracy and his co-author Dan Strutzel.

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