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The Quran Speaks To You By Abdur Raheem Kidwai

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60 GREAT LESSONS FROM ISLAM The Quran Speaks to You presents the main ideas which form the pillars of Islam. In 60 Quranic passages, the author shows you how the religion reveals the way to lead a dignified life. Each passage is accompanied by an explanation to help understand the message easily on topics such as • success and happiness • importance of sharing your wealth • relationships • equality of men and women • treating fellow human beings well • the Islamic way of life As societies change to include people from various backgrounds, it is good to know more about different faiths and practices and find similarities among religions to better appreciate each other. This book is a step in that direction. Clearing up wrong ideas about the Quran and Islam, starting from the roots, the author outlines Islamic rules for behaviour and the benefits earned for the afterlife for good deeds, to provide an understanding of the core concepts of Islam.

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