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The Prophecies Of Nostradamus By Nostradamus

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Being seated by night in secret study,
Alone resting on the brass stool:
A slight flame coming forth from the solitude,
That which is not believed in vain is made to succeed.?

More than four centuries ago, Nostradamus, a French physician and seer, predicted many events which later shook the world. The Great Fire of London, the rise of Hitler to power, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the assassination of President John Kennedy and the 9/11 terrorist attacks are some of the events he prophesied.
The Prophecies is a collection of Nostradamus? oracular quatrains containing his predictions. This edition is a translation by Edgar Leoni.

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Michel de Nostredame was born in December 1503 in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. He was a French physician, a professional healer and a renowned seer. He practised horoscope and made prophecies. He wrote and published his first almanac in 1550. It was an instant success. Nostradamus began working further on the prophecies. The first edition of the collection of prophetic quatrains in French called Les Propheties (The Prophecies) was published in 1555. It contained 353 quatrains divided into four centuries and a preface addressed to his eldest son. A second edition containing 642 quatrains appeared in 1557. The third edition with around hundred quatrains was published in 1558. Though the book received mixed reactions at the time of publication, Nostradamus became famous when some of his prophecies started coming true. His prophecies are believed to have predicted the Great Fire of London, the rise of Hitler and the terrorist attack on Twin Towers. The book has never gone out of print.


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