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The Miracle Of Meditation – (Marathi) By Ryuho Okawa

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Now in Marathi.

Opening Your Life to Peace, Joy and the Power Within

Meditation can open your mind to the self-transformative potential within and connect your soul to the wisdom of heaven – all through the power of belief. Ryuho Okawa’s The Miracle of Meditation combines the power of faith and the practice of meditation to help you create inner peace, discover your inner divinity, become your ideal self and cultivate a purposeful life of altruism and compassion.

In this book, you will learn how to:
• Live with deep inner awareness throughout your day-to-day life
• Understand the purpose and meaning of your problems, circumstances and surroundings
• Practice meditation in progressive stages to achieve its full benefits
• Find the type of meditation that best suits your needs
• Find the answers to commonly asked questions about meditation

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