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The Holy Bible King James Version

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A combination of the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament and the twenty-seven books of the New Testament, this edition of THE HOLY BIBLE, the King James Version, is an English translation of the Christian Bible. This compact edition is easy to read and is considered an outstanding example of Jacobean prose.

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The King of Scotland from 1567 as James VI and the King of England and Ireland from 1603 as James I, James Charles Stuart (1566-1625) was the great-great-grandson of Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland, and the son of Mary, Queen of Scots. A gifted scholar, he authored many works including Daemonologie (1597) and The True Law of Free Monarchies (1598).
James also sponsored the third English translation of the Bible, which was named after him. The translation, done by forty-seven members of the Church of England, began in 1604 and was completed in 1611. It continues to be widely read.


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