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Stickability By Greg S. Reid

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Stickability: the power of perseverance is a thought-provoking book that shows readers of all ages and backgrounds how they, too, can not only apply the self-motivation principles of Napoleon Hill’s timeless and ground-breaking self-help volume think and Grow Rich, but make them stick. Combining author Greg S. Reid’s modern business wisdom; interviews with numerous business celebrities, such as Steve Wozniak (cofounder of Apple), Frank shankwitz (founder of the make-a-wish foundation), and Martin Cooper (inventor of the cell phone), this book reveals: the “three causes of failure” from Napoleon Hill’s hidden vault of wisdom the importance of flexibility the principle of relaxed intensity in action how to define and conquer your “cul-de-sac” moments how to overcome the ghost of fear the importance of insight through necessity and so much more!.

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