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Make Yourself Unforgettable By Dale Carnegie Training

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There’s nothing more critical to your success than your ability to stand out as a uniquely qualified, valuable, appealing individual — someone whom other people really want to work with, work for, know, and help. Make Yourself Unforgettable takes an in-depth look at the 10 essential elements of being unforgettable, and gives you a clear-cut step-by-step guide for developing and embodying them. In this dynamic book, you’ll learn the secrets of the Dale Carnegie Class-Act System: – The six steps to managing communication problems honestly, effectively, and unforgettably. – Four unsuspecting stumbling blocks to completely ethical behavior, and how to avoid them. – A new way to understand and exude confidence. – The five key social skills that identify someone as a class act. – How to neutralize and even prevent fear and anxiety — in yourself and in the people around you. – Resiliency builders that will hone and strengthen your ability to bounce back from adversity. Once you discover exactly how you can naturally and effortlessly distinguish yourself, you’ll find that people in every area of your life — from work to home and everywhere in between — respond to you more positively and generously than they ever have before!

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Dale Carnegie was born in 1888 in Missouri. He wrote his now-renowned book How to Win Friends and Influence People in 1936. This milestone cemented the rapid spread of his core values across the United States. During the 1950s, the foundations of Dale Carnegie Training® as it exists today began to take form. Dale Carnegie himself passed away soon after in 1955, leaving his legacy and set of core principles to be disseminated for decades to come. Today, the Dale Carnegie Training programs are available in more than 30 languages throughout the entire United States and in more than 85 countries. Dale Carnegie includes as its clients 400 of the Fortune 500 companies. Approximately 7 million people have experienced Dale Carnegie Training.


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