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Kautilya’s Arthashastra By Kautilya

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Kautilya’s Arthashastra is a book about economics written by Kautilya. The word (No Suggestions) originates from a primeval Indian dissertation that discussed how the economy and military affairs of a state should function. The dissertation was written in Sanskrit by Chanakya, the teacher to the founder of the Mauryan Empire. The book talks about the science of amassing wealth. The author emphasizes that the king should offer no reason for his actions and should go to any extent to attain wealth. The subjects would be prone to punishments unlike the king. Kautilya was cunning and shrewd. He offered checks for the king on how to see what the sons were plotting against the king. He also offered advice to the sons on how to snatch the king’s rule. He felt that it was almost impossible to detect if an official was dishonest, just like how one does not know how much water a fish drinks. He offered the seven tips for a successful and committed business. He says that the CEO has to guide and direct the team. The competent and resourceful manager binds the team together. You have to know how your market operates and from where you can generate more revenue. Your nucleus or your office should be a centralized place from where you assimilate ideas, strategize and control all your operations. You need to manage your treasury efficiently. Lastly, you need a strong companion that you can depend on, when there is trouble in your business. The first edition of Kautilya’s Arthashastra, was published by Jaico Publishing House in 2009 and is available in paperback.

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