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Ganesh: Removing The Obstacles By James H. Bae

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In India, statues of Ganesh are placed at the inner-gates of many temples, symbolizing his role as a keeper of sacred spaces. Here, pilgrims and passers-by, pay homage and seek his blessings. It is this symbolic presence at the entrance of our most holy places that makes Ganesh such a vital figure in our lives. Stationed at the threshold of sacredness and awareness, mediating between the possibility of the profound and our often habitual, mundane perception of the world, Ganesh is the guiding force behind this very moment of experience where desire meets possibility. Ganesh removing the Obstacles offers practical and meaningful interpretations of folk narratives and sacred texts concerning the larger-than-life elephant-headed god, Ganesh. Table of Contents: Obstacles The God of Beginnings Ganesh in Mythology Remover of Obstacles The Lord of Thresholds The Bridge of Dharma Blessings from Ganesh Self-Understanding The Play of the Divine The Divine Child Boundaries Bowing to Truth Life Approaches The Way of Wisdom The Spirit of the Journey Life in the Real

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