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Gandhi@150 By Compiled & Edited By Rajan Wel

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A COLLECTION OF EXCEPTIONAL THINK PIECES BY SOME OF THE BRILLIANT MINDS OF OUR TIME Contributors include: Ela Gandhi • Tushar Gandhi • RA Mashelkar • Anil Kakodkar • Brenda Gourley • Radhakrishnan Pillai • Kumar Ketkar • Rohini Hattangadi • Rajkumar Hirani • Bharat Dabholkar Compiled and edited by noted scholar Rajan Welukar, Gandhi at 150 explores the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas in today’s world and the impact of his philosophy across a wide spectrum of areas such as religion, economics, science, education, the arts and health and development. In this book, the contributors explain how certain Gandhian concepts can be used for our nation’s advancement. For example, ‘Gandhian engineering’ can help boost India’s progress with its focus on getting more from fewer resources for more people. In addition, the gram swaraj approach alone can stop the mass exodus of youth from villages to cities in search of jobs—a major worry for urban planners and village economies today. These are just a few of the many applicable solutions based on Gandhi’s ideas you will come across in these pages. To celebrate Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, experts from various fields, such as Anil Kakodkar, RA Mashelkar, Douglas Roche, Ela Gandhi, Tushar Gandhi, Justice RC Chavan, Rajkumar Hirani and Daniel C Taylor among others, have contributed to this remarkable anthology. This book will help you understand why Gandhi’s views are relevant now more than ever. RAJAN WELUKAR, an eminent academician, is the former vice-chancellor of the University of Mumbai, Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University and GH Raisoni University. He lives in Mumbai.

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