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Change Your Brain, Change Your Life! by Sondra Kornblatt

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Over 100 Tips and Exercises
The Holistic way to
Improve Your Memory Reduce Stress and Sharpen Your Wits

Can’t remember the name of your doctor when you see him at the store? Forget your standing appointment for physical therapy? Worried about Alzheimer’s? That does not mean you’re stupid or rude, nor are you experiencing early dementia. Instead, your brain is frazzled; it’s affected by unhealthy habits, aging, long work hours and information overload.

In Change Your Brain, Change Your Life! Sondra Kornblatt, along with the experts she has interviewed, demonstrates how to reduce brain stress and optimize mental agility. She shares information on how the brain interacts with the body and how it’s affected by certain habits. She also provides tips to strengthen memory and shares healthy activities for cognition and creativity so that you can function better in your active life.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life! offers a complete plan for total brain health in an engaging and accessible way.

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Sondra Kornblatt is a medical and wellness writer. She developed the Restful Insomnia program to help people during sleepless nights. She lives in Seattle, USA.


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