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Champions Of Invention By John Hudson Tiner

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Stories of 9 ingenious innovators such as John Gutenberg, James Watt, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Morse, William Thomson, Thomas Edison and others discover the ingenious inventors of yesteryear who inspire the leaders of tomorrow! The great Minds of the past are, in many ways, still with us today. Learn about people who revolutionized our way of living – and left us a rich legacy with their inventions. Here you will read about Johannes Gutenberg, who printed the world’s first – and arguably most beautiful – Book; Samuel Morse, who brought the world a little closer together with his “lightening line”; James Watt, whose steam engine marked the start of the industrial Revolution; Benjamin Franklin, who flirted with death to harness electricity; and many such others. This valuable book gives you accurate accounts of lives from the annals of technology. Explore more in this series with champions of Mathematics and champions of science. John Hudson tiner has a masterful degree from Duke University and is the author of textbooks, Science curriculum material, character-building biographies and books on a variety of other subjects. He has more than a 1, 000 published manuscripts, including 80 books, for all age groups. Champions of discovery series.

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