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Beyond The Power of Now by Jorge Blaschke

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Beyond the Power of Now A message for overcoming fear and living the present in peace and harmony Problems, fear, stress, all that is bad can disappear, at least for an instant, right? However, this second of intense pleasure cannot be lived in any moment other than the present. So now, what would happen if we could hold on to this flash of a moment, and conserve its essence forever ? A new existence would open up in front of us, where the past and the future would not exist, in which our egos and conflicts would have no moaning, in which we would awaken with a new consciousness. This is the nucleus of the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, one of the most respected spiritual guides of the last years. Without belonging to any religion or any school of thought, Tolle knows how to transmit his message in a clear and concise manner to thousands of persons, the power to achieve plenitude is within each one, here and now. In this book, the keys to his practice, extracting from his words and establishing parallelisms with other philosophies of life condensing it into a single book. Although the book emphasizes the power of now, tries going beyond the legacies of Tolle, bringing in new nuances or reflection.

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