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Bankers Game By Ashutosh Mishra

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A TALE OF GREED, LUST AND REDEMPTION The good days are over on Dalal Street and the past comes to haunt those who didn’t play it by the book. Rekha, Amit, Satya and their boss, Nitin, struggle to maintain their sanity in the dynamic world of office politics, fuelled by their mad drive for the high life. Unfortunately, the skills needed to survive this fast-paced corporate maze are not taught at B-schools. Follow these bankers as they navigate choppy financial markets at work and volatile personal lives, manoeuvring through aggressive competition and covert deals—bosses stealing credit, subordinates thrown to the wolves for “greater good”, sexual transgressions and booze-filled nights. To add to the mayhem, a sudden crash in the global markets sends their lives into a tailspin, testing their strength of character. Who will win and who will lose? Who will stay and who will quit?

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